Amulet Protocol officially launches on the TestNet, a monumental step towards launching onto the mainnet.

Amulet Protocol is delighted to confirm their official TestNet launch, opening the test platform to members of the AmuNation. 

This news will come as no shock to “Early Contributors” for Amulet, who were given exclusive 24-hour early-access as a reward for all the hard work that they have dedicated to promoting our project since our announcement in April.  

As September has now arrived, we are entering the most pivotal moment in our history to date. As per our official roadmap, the TestNet launch is a decisive step before we can launch onto the mainnet itself and users are able to start to protect their digital assets with Amulet officially.  

Access to our TestNet is available here:

Why have we launched on the TestNet? 

To be a success, we need to ensure that our solution is market ready. Deploying onto the TestNet now, allows our dedicated community members to experience our product and check out the functionality. 

It is a vital element for our journey, and we need our community to work together to decipher potential bugs or issues. This allows us to continue to BUIDL in the background while also fixing potential errors that can only be found through others testing.  

As a result, we have launched a new channel on our Discord to report anything or to provide any feedback. You can have a real effect on the success of Amulet Protocol. Just enter our server: and find the #testnet-support-zone channel.  

What about audit news? 

As you will have seen, we recently announced our official relationship with Kudelski. They are conducting our audit to ensure that our platform will be market ready at the end of the month. 

Good news, it’s ready. We will release this to the public later this week with all the key findings.  

So how do I take part? 

Now, the TestNet is open to our whole community (the AmuNation) after Early Contributors enjoyed their “Sneak Peek” yesterday.  

To take part, enter this link: and check out all the functionalities of our future platform. You should be able to test all the various functions – underwrite, cover, and earn via this link. 

Make sure you change the network in your wallet to “Test Network” and you can receive test SOL from this website:

We will also be adding some TestNet tasks to the AmuNation App – this means you can earn rewards while testing our project. Sign up/Log in here. 

Vigilant testers will also be able to spot some of our partners that we have yet to announce publicly. More reasons to get stuck in and test.  

The team will be available on Discord to help you get started!  

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