Introducing Amulet’s 2022 – 2023 Roadmap

Amulet Protocol is pleased to launch its public roadmap – providing insight into the coming months plans for our investors, users, and communities! 

Amulet Protocol’s current development is focused on our mainnet launch. From there, we will work diligently to continuously improve, aiming to be the main cover solution for DeFi. 

The team has great ambitions matched with a mentality to exceed them. Below is a lowdown of the expected plans from our project announcement in April 2022 until Q2 of 2023.  

Q2 – 2022: 

Project Announcement to Public – 20/4 in Amsterdam ✅ 

Defining the claim process and how it would work ✅ 

Working out the mechanics to allow for automation with our Stablecoin Depeg offering ✅ 

Q3 – 2022: 

Finalise the design for our cover offering ✅ 

Undertake Code Audit and Threat Analysis, this is being done by Kudelski Security ✅ 

TestNet Launch ( 1st September 2022) ✅ 

V1 MainNet Launch (29th September 2022) ✅ 

Complete our Risk Assessment process (How we analyse and score for premium) ⏳ 

Q4 – 2022: 

Launch of our Analytics and Command Center 🔜 

Launch of our Bug Bounty Program 🔜 

Q1 – 2023: 

Additional Offerings (original offerings in September are Smart Contract Vulnerability and Stablecoin Depeg) 🔜 

Enabling Amulet Notifications on our dApp 🔜] 

Amulet Stable Asset Pools launch 🔜 

This Roadmap is subject to flexibility; however, we will be sure to communicate any changes to our community first.  

We are looking forward to achieving these milestones and they wouldn’t be possible without the support that we’ve already received.  

If you have questions or want clarification on any of the milestones we aim to achieve in the coming months, join the conversation on Discord: 

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