Amulet Social Media Report – August 2022

Amulet Protocol was announced as a project in April 2022. We have been working on growing our social channels organically and here is our lowdown of what went on during the month of August. 

Amulet is tweeting daily and our community use Discord as their main form of communication. On August 30th, we launched the AmuNation app, our fun bounty campaign to engage our community through daily rewards and tasks.

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August Highlights:

August has been a solid month of growth from start to finish. Organic growth has always been fundamental to the beginning of our journey and we set ourselves a target to hit 2k in followers for both Discord and Twitter for August.

Before the launch of the AmuNation app, we had been doing very well. We managed to achieve that target on the 20th August and with the help of external AMAs and community building, we gained 1k new followers in less than 2 weeks.

As part of this, we created a competition for our community to design the banner. Check out the winners:

Following on from this, we launched our AmuNation app to our community on Tuesday 30th August. We decided to gamify our bounty campaign by creating competition. We also felt this was the best way to deliver an incredible campaign to our community while reducing the number of fakes and robots that exist. So far, we’ve had an excellent response and this has seen our statistics grow rapidly.

The stats below were accurate as of 8:00am CEST on September 1st 2022. By the time this has been written, the figures have also increased in their hundreds.

Amulet Protocol has seen massive growth within the month of August:

  • Twitter Followers have increased by 267.3%
  • That equates to 4211 new followers!
  • Twitter Impressions have increased by 43.9% from the previous month
  • The amount of mentions we’ve received on Twitter has increased by 923.3%
  • Our Discord verified members have grown by 294.1%

Along with this, our Telegram announcement channel and Linkedin has seen impressive growth figures despite being lower on priorities for exposure.

Popular Tweets:

As expected, our pinned tweet announcing the AmuNation app has had the most interactions and engagement:

The external tweet which gave Amulet Protocol the most exposure comes from the AMA that we were invited to participate in with Crypto Clash:

Our Twitter engagement has been consistent and high throughout the month of August. Before the bounty campaign, we had an organic Twitter engagement rate of 15-18% (Marketers usually expect between 0.5-1%).

Discord Updates:

The AmuNation is getting stronger and stronger each day. New community members are joining at a regular pace (excellerated in last 2 days but, like Twitter, the steady growth had been making strands beforehand. The introduction of Martin as Head of Community and introduction of our first roles has seen the team struggle to keep up with all the dedicated contributions that are flying in.

There’s always a conversation flowing and not only in English. We create language channels when the requests come in. We’re seeing that this tactic has created the environment we want, a place for everyone in web3. We expect to add another 4 languages to the server in the next few days.

With the introduction of games night, competitions for banners, GIF requests from the team, AMAs, we’re seeing high engagement within our server and we’ve got some really dedicated community champions helping us to provide the best experience.

This community effort came to light in the middle of August. As our server was gaining popularity, spammers and scammers came to exploit. We were able to deal with this incredibly quickly and removed all the “bad eggs” in a smooth fashion with the help of our community. We’ve also been able to introduce a channel to report anything suspicious.

We’ve also added ourselves onto the Discord directory and we’re pending approval to be a part of the Discord community program.

Our last bi-weekly AMA (no rewards attached) saw 69 attendees for the live event. Following on from that, 280 community members competed in our games night that same evening. We’re really happy to see record attendances every single week since we started.

Current Followers (as of 8am CEST 01/09/22)

Current Twitter Followers: 5786 (267.3% increase from July report)

Current Verified Discord Members: 5952 (294.1% increase from July report)

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