Happy Amu-Versary – One week since launching the AmuNation app

It’s been one week since we introduced our long-awaited bounty campaign – The AmuNation App.

At Amulet, we’ve always taken gamification very seriously and believe it is vital within web3. We didn’t want to launch “any old campaign”, we wanted something that our community could embrace and we’ve been ecstatic with the results so far.

The AmuNation app is a fun and engaging way to earn rewards while promoting our protocol. Tasks are updated regularly and AmuPoints can be earnt from a variety of tasks which could unlock some valuable perks such as NFTs. There’s also opportunities to try your luck and spin to win a jackpot every day.

Sign up/Log in via this link: https://amunation.amulet.org

To learn about the AmuNation app, refer to this blog post: https://amulet.org/blog/amunation-app-introducing-our-bounty-campaign/

Happy Amu-versary!

Members of the AmuNation will have received this email starting from today:

The OG’s will be celebrating their 1st week Amu-versary and we wanted to give you a low down as to how things are going!

Things to Note in the last 7 days:

Discord channel:

We’ve been astonished at the level of commitment from the AmuNation since launching this campaign. We’ve tried to accommodate the fast growth by incorporating a channel into our Discord dedicated to helping with queries specifically for the app.

To access it, enter our Discord: discord.gg/AmuletProtocol

The Team, Mods, Community Champions and Early Contributors are always available to help. You’ll also notice that our whole community is willing to help, if someone knows the answer, you’ll get the advice you need!

Fairness is priority:

The AmuNation exits because we believe in fairness and equality. We want to stop malicious violations within web3 and protect peoples assets. We are also very aware that people may try and cheat our campaign when the majority are competing fairly.

We are regularly checking the activity and the rewards earned. Many will have noticed that we had a contiguency in place if users abused the system and we were able to successfully identify and remove these “bad players” earlier in the week. If you feel that you have been wrongly affected, you can contact the team on Discord via #team-contact-request and we will be sure to action or provide clarity.

We will continue to monitor throughout this campaign.

The Stats:

This is the exciting part of this article, how well is the AmuNation campaign going? Our rapid community growth is evident but let’s delve into the geeky bit – the numbers!

In the week since launch:

  • Total Registered onto App: 25,184
  • Referral Rate per user: 11.22
  • Total actions completed: 178,576
  • Total actions per user: 12.57
  • Unique Jackpot players: 8,671
  • NFT rewards given: 41
  • Average AmuPoints per user: 646.42
  • Total Jackpot winners: 6160

These figures are amazing! A huge thank you from the whole team.

LFG! AmuNation 🧿

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