AmuNation App – Introducing our Bounty Campaign

Amulet Protocol was announced in April 2022 with our solution to provide simple, reliable cover for everyone in web3. The response has been exceptional and we’ve watched as the AmuNation (our community) has grown over the last couple of months. 

As a community-focused protocol, we’ve been working really hard behind the scenes to create a bounty experience unlike any other. We’re excited to launch our AmuNation App, a daily task/challenge application that helps you earn AmuPoints and turns our community building into a game.

As this is a different concept, we’ve created this blog to help you understand what to do and how to get rewarded for all your work!

Access the App here:

What is the AmuNation App?

AmuNation App is our application for the AmuNation (our dedicated community) to make it fun and appealing to promote our project while being rewarded with AmuPoints that can be collected and exchanged for eye-watering rewards. 

We believe this is the most cooperative way to build a community while also promoting the importance of Amulet Protocol and the impact it can have on the whole DeFi and Web3 industry.

Our gamified community app has levels leading up to the most-rewarding Level 5. Each day, our community can return to the AmuNation App to complete simple tasks which will be rewarded with AmuPoints. The more points earned, the quicker you can level up.

Each level within the app has its own rewards and the top 3 levels unlock incredible Amulet NFTs which have value and also increases the status of the community member. Our NFTs enable great perks and secures your place in the heart of the AmuNation. 

In simple, our AmuNation app is a bounty app that truly rewards the dedication of the hard work undertaken by the user. 

What is the AmuBot?

This is a sophisticated piece of technology, only the BEST for the AmuNation. AmuBot is our robot on Discord that has been built to track and analyse activity. The AmuBot has the ability to count each message that you send within Discord and automatically rewards once you have achieved a milestone.

It simply relays this information back to the AmuNation app and ensures that you are definitely rewarded for your activity so that you can earn the AmuPoints and exchange for the rewards. It’s effortless and fun to earn your role, NFT or additional perk.

How do AmuPoints and AmuNation Levels work?

Fairness is at the front of our community reward program. We want to ensure that people are completing the tasks themselves and that they are fairly rewarded for their hard work. 

As a result, we’ve implemented a points and level system. It’s designed to bring out that competitive streak deep inside of you. 

The more tasks you complete, the more AmuPoints that you can earn. The more AmuPoints earned, the higher level you achieve, the higher level, the bigger rewards. It’s as simple as that! 

As of the launch of the app, we currently have 5 levels that can be achieved:

AmuNation Newbie: The starting point for the AmuNation
AmuNation Beginner: Excellent start, Whitelist!
AmuNation Student: Getting better, Airdrop time!
AmuNation Expert: Wow, doing awesome, NFT Bronze!
AmuNation Master: Nearly a champ! NFT Silver!
AmuNation Mythical: AmuLegend! NFT Gold! Ultimate Rewards!

The most dedicated AmuNation members will receive the highest accolade for their true grit and determination in promoting Amulet Protocol to the max!

What happens if too many people achieve the highest level?

Don’t worry, we will consistently be reviewing and regulating to ensure complete fairness. During the competition, we will monitor signups and track the progress. If the popularity of our bounty campaign goes viral, then we will review the current rewards and increase them should there be a need.

In short, we will continue to work behind the scenes to ensure that everyone is fairly rewarded and that no one suffers as a result of the popularity.

How do you earn AmuPoints?

When you enter the AmuNation App, you will notice a list of tasks that need to be completed. Along with these tasks, the appropriate AmuPoints reward is attached. We will always communicate and make it clear what you earn with each task.

Tasks can vary and usually involve promoting Amulet in as many ways as possible:

Some tasks have quizzes attached. This enables the AmuNation to learn and really become passionate about our Protocol while completing their tasks. 

Tasks are updated daily so there is incentive to log in every single day!

What is the Fruit Machine Jackpot? Amulet Spin n’ Win?

When you enter the AmuNation App, you will notice the big fruit machine at the bottom of the screen. This is an additional way to win and earn AmuPoints daily.

All you need to do is head over, spin the fruit machine and try your chance at winning a jackpot, additional rewards, NFTs and more! 

It’s another incentive to try and earn the highest level of AmuNation rewards. Rewards will either be delivered instantly or within a few days depending on what you win!

Can I see how I’m doing against my competition  other members of the AmuNation?

Of course, you can! At the bottom of the app, you will see an option for Leaderboard. This ranks and tracks every signed-up member competing within our bounty campaign. 

This allows you to track your progress and see what you need to do to get ahead or increase your lead against the others! 

This updates automatically and is in real-time. Check it daily for the extra boost of motivation.

Finally, What’s the AmuOutlet and what rewards come with your NFTs?

The icon at the bottom of the shop is the home of the AmuOutlet. Coming soon, the AmuOutlet allows you to exchange your AmuPoints for the AmuRewards including our Amulet NFTs. 

Purchasing Amulet NFTs is possible within the AmuOutlet. Amulet NFTs unlock great rewards depending on the level. 

As of the launch of our bounty campaign, there are three types of Amulet NFTs:

Gold: Highest rewards and cost
Silver: Mid range rewards and cost
Bronze: Lowest rewards and cost

Amulet NFTs offer great perks. These vary from staking bonuses, higher level token sale caps, airdrop bonus, vesting bonus and insane policy discounts of up to 15%.

Once the AmuOutlet is launched, it will be clearly communicated what reward is attached with which NFT. 

So, what are you waiting for? The more time lost, the less time to earn those exciting AmuPoints! 

Sign up to the AmuNation App here:

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