Amulet Bi-Weekly Report #5 (August 30th – September 12th)

Following on from our latest bi-weekly report published on August 29th 2022, we’re delighted to provide the latest updates on what’s been going on at Amulet over the last 2 weeks. We hope this gives you an insight into some of the activities that we are working on and a reference for our recent major news.

Product and Technology

  • TestNet launched and made open to public. (
  • Finalising Audit report with Kudelski, will be made public soon
  • Ongoing website development.
  • Ongoing SEO development.
  • Ongoing discussions with the Solana team.
  • Ongoing discussions with security partners.
  • Ongoing claim process front/mid-end integration work.

Marketing and Business Development

  • Launched our AmuNation App, our Bounty Campaign (
  • Released the guide to our AmuNation app (Read here)
  • Celebrating the success of the AmuNation app with our Amu-Versary blog (Read here)
  • Conducted our bi-weekly AmuNation AMA to a record attendance (Read the recap here)
  • Exclusively launched TestNet access to “Early Contributers” 24 hours early
  • Launched our TestNet publically (Read the blog here)
  • Published our August Social Media report (Check out the awesome stats here)
  • Improved our YouTube channel and published content (Subscribe here)
  • Ongoing Task improvement for the AmuNation app
  • Ongoing Blog development
  • Ongoing Twitter and Discord development
  • Ongoing Linkedin Development
  • Ongoing community engagement development
  • Integrated new robots for better community experience on Discord
  • Introduced roles for early contributors on Discord.
  • Successful AmuNation Poker Night with a large attendance
  • Hit 20k Twitter followers target
  • Hit 20k Discord members target
  • Implementing using more design work from the AmuNation for Amulet Social Content (including our new animated banner on Discord)
  • Introduced Azerbaijani, Belerusan, Bengali, French, German and Turkish channels for those wishing to discuss Amulet in those languages
  • Ongoing marketing discussions with potential partners.

Social Media Statistics (as of 08:30am CEST 12/09/22)

The number in brackets is compared to previous report, Linkedin and YouTube have been added starting this report.

  • Twitter Followers: 21,059 (+18,347)
  • Verified Discord Users: 20,040 (+17,411)
  • Telegram Announcement Members: 935 (+198)
  • Linkedin Followers: 5,665
  • YouTube Subscribers: 8,212

We will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the AmuNation.

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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