Amulet Bi-Weekly Report (August 4th – 22nd)

Following our latest bi-weekly report published on August 3rd 2023, we’re delighted to provide the latest updates on what’s been going on at Amulet with our sixteenth bi-weekly report of 2023. Published a bit later than usual but for good reason – we’ve launched a lot since August 3rd!

We hope this gives you an insight into some of the activities we are working on and a reference for our recent major news.

Product and Technology

  • Ongoing MainNet development –
  • Launch of your brand, new personal dashboard!
  • Upgrades have already been released for your new personal dashboard!
  • Launch of our brand new website – more development ongoing with content changes pending
  • Ongoing SEO development
  • Ongoing discussions with the Solana team
  • Ongoing discussions with investors
  • Ongoing discussions with security partners
  • Ongoing Tokenomics background work (aim for this year TGE or latest Q1 24)
  • Ongoing development of TNT Vaults product
  • Ongoing development on future products for Amulet
  • Risk assessments ongoing for soon-to-be-listed protocols
  • Listing of Hawksight
  • Listing of Socean
  • Listing of Zeta Markets
  • Launch of our brand new Loyalty Program (New landing page dedicated to loyalty program)
  • Launch of our referral scheme for the Loyalty Program
  • AmuPoints converted into Loyalty Points (1 to 100 conversion rate) and added to accounts
  • Distribution of 100 Loyalty Points for users for registered their referral in the first week

Amulet MainNet Stats:

  • Total Covers Sold: 2,321 (+43)
  • Total Active Covers: 51
  • Total Accumulative Overall Cover Amount: $585.21k
  • TVL: $116k

Please note that any fluctuations in TVL and TVC from previous reports are due to the variations of the price of $SOL.

New Website Design:

Head over to to check out our new website design! Please be aware that some changes are still pending with regard to content.

Image of the new landing page for Amulet - web3 insurance on Solana

Your feedback is always valuable so we encourage you to voice your opinion on our new website via discord:

Marketing and Community:

  • Ongoing Blog SEO development
  • Ongoing Social Media development
  • Ongoing development for social media and Google ads
  • Ongoing conversations for future community development
  • After feedback from the AmuNation (community), we created and launched a Simple Guide for our Vaults (Read the guide here)
  • Simple Guide for Vaults shared by Solana PR such as Solana Universe (See here)
  • Incredible community content was shared such as an Amulet meme gallery Metaverse (See here)
  • Launch of the Loyalty Program (See launch here)
  • Launch of the referral scheme and 100 Loyalty Point incentive (See post here)
  • Listing of Hawksight on the MainNet (See announcement)
  • Listing of Socean on the MainNet (See announcement)
  • Listing of Zeta Markets on the MainNet (See announcement)
  • Appeared on Spaces hosted by our partner Streamflow (Recap here)
  • Supported our partner FYEO for an upcoming talk at Hacker House in Berlin (See here)
  • Celebrated the 2-year birthday of our partner Solend (See here)
  • Launch of the upgrades for the Personal Dashboard (See here)
  • Points from AmuNation converted and distributed as Loyalty Points (v1 rewards distribution will happen before the end of August)
  • Conversations continue for joint-marketing efforts with new partners.

Social Media Statistics:

  • X Followers:  42,479
  • Verified Discord Users: 27,469
  • Telegram Announcement Members: 815
  • Linkedin Followers: 10,742 
  • YouTube Subscribers: 13,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 534

We will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the AmuNation.

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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