Amulet is making waves by listing Socean Finance on MainNet

Amulet Protocol is delighted to announce that Socean Finance users can now protect their assets with our web3 cover. Amulet is currently on a mission to protect as many users within our industry as possible and we’re pushing hard to bring new listings more frequently.

Learn more about this listing below or just head straight over to to get started immediately.

Who are Socean?

Socean is a stake pool with the best risk-free yields on Solana. Backed by the Solana Foundation, Socean provides a user-friendly experience with instant stake and unstable options, best delegation strategies and also high DeFi yields.

Socean have made staking on Solana as easy as it should be. Users connect their wallet, stake their $SOL for $scnSOL and then participate in DeFi.

Socean take the safety of their users very seriously and have created a blog to reassure their users of the security of their assets. Now, their users can have further peace of mind with smart contract vulnerability cover available for Socean on Amulet.

What to do now?

The AmuNation can take advantage of this listing in two ways.

Firstly, those wishing to buy cover should connect their wallet, head over to “Cover” and search for the box below:

Capacity is currently available and if you HODL a MetaBear, your premium discount is automatically applied.

For full terms and conditions of our smart contract vulnerability cover, please refer to this document:

Users can also stake $aUWT into our Socean pool. Stakers have the opportunity to earn a high ROI with a starting APY of 9.19%

The AmuNation can earn Loyalty Points for buying cover and staking $aUWT into the Socean Finance pool.

ave any questions, our team is available via discord:

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