Amulet lists Zeta Markets on the MainNet

Amulet Protocol is proud to announce the listing of Zeta Markets on the MainNet. This brings the total number of Solana-based protocols listed to 17. Zeta users can immediately head over to and purchase smart contract cover for their assets.

We’ll be listing several new protocols throughout August to expand our overall coverage and open up the opportunity to protect many more users.

Who are Zeta?

Zeta are a leading on-chain trading product for web3 retail and institutional adoption. A leading force on Solana since January 2022, Zeta offers a capital-efficient decentralise exchange with perpetual contracts.

Zeta v1 (v2 is coming soon!) utilises Solana to take advantage of the low gas fees and faster execution times. Zeta are the fastest and most-liquid exchange in the world with a fully on-chain order book offering perpetual swaps for BTC, ETH, SOL, ARB & APT.

Zeta are currently building their v2 which will expand their offerings further. Their users can now feel comfort as their assets can be protected with Amulet’s smart contract vulnerability insurance.

What next?

This exciting news has created more opportunities for the AmuNation. Users can take advantage of the Zeta listing in 2 ways:

Buy Cover:

  • Head over to
  • Connect your wallet
  • In Cover section, search for Zeta Markets (pictured below)
  • Protect based on your needs
Zeta Markets smart contract insurance purchase box

Users with MetaBears will have their premium discount applied automatically. Loyalty points will be rewarded for buying cover.

Stake $aUWT into Zeta Pool:

  • Head over to
  • Connect your wallet
  • In Underwrite section, under stake $aUWT, search for Zeta Pool (page 2)
  • Stake $aUWT and provide capacity for users
  • Earn ROI with a starting APY of 9.27%
Zeta Markets AUWT pool

For full terms and conditions of our smart contract vulnerability cover, please refer to this document:

If you have any questions, reach out via Discord:

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