Amulet lists Hawksight to expand cover offerings!

Amulet Protocol, fresh off the back of a new website and loyalty program launch, is delighted to confirm that we have listed Hawksight on the MainNet. Hawksight is a project that the AmuNation have discussed on multiple occasions previously and we’re pleased to confirm that our smart contract cover is available to purchase for your Hawksight assets!

The listing is LIVE and users can start staking $aUWT into the Hawksight pool or purchase their web3 cover today:

Who is Hawksight?

Hawksight pride itself on being a DeFi super app! Offering a 1-click solution for their users to earn yield from popular Solana protocols. Reduction in time and gas fees spent to swap $USDC to a vault token or asset, and staking that token into various yield-farming strategies.

Offering flexibility with deposits and ease of use with accessibility, Hawksight also prides itself on security and its decentralised vaults keep depositers in full control. Hawksight has been battle tested through a variety of internal and external audits including with the likes of Certik and Sec3.

Now, Hawksight users have an extra layer of protection with Amulet’s smart contract cover.

What to do now?

Users can take advantage of this listing in two ways:

Stake $aUWT into the Hawksight pool to earn a potential high APY of 8.87%

Head over to “Underwrite”, “Stake $aUWT” and Hawksight is on page 2!

This will increase the capacity available for users to purchase web3 cover for Hawksight.

Hawksight users wishing to purchase cover for Hawksight should head over to the Covers section. If you HODL a MetaBear, your discount will automatically be applied. You’ll also receive loyalty points for this action.

Users can purchase their protection here:

For full terms and conditions of our smart contract vulnerability cover, please refer to this document:

If you have any questions, our team is available via discord:

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