Amulet’s Loyalty Program – built to help you earn on-chain, forever.

Amulet Protocol is delighted to unveil its much-anticipated loyalty program to the AmuNation. Since announcing our project to the world in April 2022 with our solutions to make web3 a safer environment, the AmuNation has grown to over 80k users across different networks.

The AmuNation app has now come to a close and we’ve integrated our reward program on-chain and directly onto the MainNet. AmuNation app August rewards are still pending reward distribution and this will be actioned as soon as possible.

Amulet has an exciting Q4 planned with various products, solutions and listings due to be implemented regularly. The catalyst to our fast-paced plan for product development comes with today’s launch of our Loyalty Program.

Our Loyalty Program Explained

Our Loyalty Program has been built with the idea of rewarding users for their general Amulet MainNet activities. Users need only to connect their wallets to our MainNet to have access to the Loyalty Program.

Loyalty Points will be distributed to users who have earned them through activities and we will announce the exciting specifics of subsequent rewards in due course.

Loyalty Points can be earned through all activities on Amulet including:

  • Buying Cover
  • Staking
  • Referrals
  • Vaults usage
  • Upcoming community activities (on an ad-hoc basis)

If you’ve already been distributed a MetaBear, your rewards and points will be multiplied automatically.

Referrals are done on-chain and you can earn 20% commission for primary referrals while also receiving 10% for secondary and 5% for tertiary referrals. Endless opportunities to earn through your network!

As a launch special, we’ll credit 100 points to those who register their referrers before Thursday 17th August 2023 at 10:00 AM UTC

To understand all you need to know, including how you can earn money on-chain for each referral, check out this new landing page:

Your New Personal Dashboard

Eagle-eyed AmuNation members may have noticed that has been under maintenance for some important changes. Now, back up and functioning, you’ll see the launch of your own new personal dashboard.

As a first release, your personal dashboard has been launched with 3 core components. If you HODL a MetaBear NFT, this will be beautifully displayed to greet you every time you enter. All users will be able to see key metrics for their Loyalty Points earnt through their MainNet activity and they will also have access to their referral codes to start sharing immediately.

Your personal dashboard is also the place to keep track of your assets, earnings, covers and claims!

Example of dashboard

What More to Know?

AmuNation points will be converted and credited to your accounts by Friday, August 18th 2023. We will then subsequently release further information regarding the breakdown of points etc.

As announced previously, for AmuNation data to transfer over to our Loyalty Program, you will need to use the same wallet address.

Once you’ve checked out how to earn the most, especially through referrals, get started by connecting your wallet here:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via:

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