Amulet Bi-Weekly Report #3 (August 1st – 15th)

Following on from our latest bi-weekly report published on August 1st, we’re pleased to provide our latest update on the work going on behind the scenes as we continue to BUIDL. We hope this gives you an insight into some of the activities that we are working on and a reference for our recent major news.

Product and Technology

  • Finalising details in time for testnet launch.
  • Ongoing smart contract audits.
  • Ongoing website development.
  • Ongoing SEO development.
  • Ongoing discussions with the Solana team at Solana Summer Camps in London and Lisbon
  • Ongoing discussions with security partners.
  • Ongoing claim process front/mid-end integration work.
  • Ongoing design work for future NFTs

Marketing and Business Development

  • Published our Social Media report for July – Take a look here
  • Conducted an AMA with our community on Discord – Check out the recap here
  • Took part in a Twitter Space with our partner Taksh – Check out the recap here
  • Appeared on Episode 5 of the Catheon Gaming podcast – Check out the recap here
  • Launched a new informative blog post about DeFi and mass adoption – Read the article here
  • Conducted an AMA with the CryptoClash Community – Check out the recap here
  • Confirmed our official partnership with Serum – Read our announcement here
  • Ongoing Blog development
  • Ongoing Twitter and Discord development
  • Ongoing community engagement development
  • Integrated new robots for better community experience on Discord – Invite Tracker, Twitter Feed, Tickets for requests/enquiries
  • Introduced the “Early Contributor” role on Discord for the community.
  • Launched our Games Night with a prize of 1 SOL.
  • Introduced Games and Crypto News channels for the community.
  • Launched a Twitter Challenge to design our post for when we hit 2000 followers.
  • Ongoing marketing discussions with potential partners.

Social Media Statistics

  • Twitter Followers: 1876 (+303)
  • Verified Discord Users: 1682 (+172)
  • Telegram Announcement Followers: 553 (+212)

We will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the Amu-Nation 🧿

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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