Bi-Weekly Report (June 7th – 19th)

Following our latest bi-weekly report published on June 7th 2023, we’re delighted to provide the latest updates on what’s been going on at Amulet with our twelth bi-weekly report of 2023. We hope this gives you an insight into some of the activities we are working on and a reference for our recent major news.

Product and Technology

  • Ongoing MainNet development –
  • Ongoing development on Personal Dashboard with public release pending final stages
  • Ongoing website development
  • Ongoing SEO development
  • Ongoing discussions with the Solana team
  • Ongoing discussions with investors
  • Ongoing discussions with security partners
  • Ongoing AmuNation app work – major upgrade expected this week!
  • Ongoing Ambassador Program work
  • Ongoing NFT development
  • Ongoing Tokenomics background work
  • Ongoing dialogue with CER Live to list new protocols
  • Ongoing work for upcoming new product
  • Audit work being undertaken for upcoming new product

Amulet MainNet Stats:

  • Total Covers Sold: 1,968 (+70)
  • Total Active Covers: 109
  • Total Accumulative Overall Cover Amount: $339.65k
  • TVL: $80k

Reductions in TVL is due to current market conditions rather than users unstaking from Amulet

Marketing and Community:

  • Ongoing AmuNation App, our loyalty campaign (
  • Work is undertaken for a major upgrade to AmuNation app (announcement due shortly)
  • Ongoing Task improvement for the AmuNation app and updated tasks on 8 occasions since the last bi-weekly report
  • Ongoing Blog development
  • Ongoing Twitter and Discord development
  • Ongoing Linkedin, YouTube and TikTok Development
  • Ongoing community engagement development
  • Integrated new robots for a better community experience on Discord
  • Ongoing marketing discussions with potential partners
  • A variety of AmuNation events and activities including rewards (3/4 nights per week)
  • Ambassador program launched
  • First tasks and activity tracker set up for ambassadors
  • Instagram and Link3 development
  • Took part in our AmuNation AMA (read recap here)
  • Ongoing SummerTime MetaBear Twitter contest (See here)
  • Created our new design for Staturday tweets (See here)
  • Attended HackerHouse in New York and provided live updates to the community
  • Working with partners and investors for cross-promotion opportunities
  • Published a blog with a recap of our time at HackerHouses in New York (read here)
  • Sent out teasers for what major announcements are due in the next month (See here)
  • Created a sneak peek for our community to guess what our new product is (See here)
  • Used turbulent market conditions to try and promote SOL staking while the price is low
  • Collaborated with DeFi Tribe to offer Whitelist spots for our community (See here)
  • Collaborated with our partner FYEO to promote their phishing extension (See here)
  • Ongoing discussions with PR organisations to promote our upcoming product launch
  • Working with potential new collabs including a cross-poker tournament to be announced soon

Social Media Statistics:

  • Twitter Followers:  43,411
  • Verified Discord Users: 28,379
  • Telegram Announcement Members: 843
  • Linkedin Followers: 10,747 
  • YouTube Subscribers: 13,100+
  • Instagram Followers: 469

We will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the AmuNation.

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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