AmuNation Upgrade: Better experience, bigger rewards!

Amulet has been live on the MainNet and protecting web3 users against smart contract vulnerability events since September 2022. Despite market conditions being turbulent, Amulet has achieved many successes with the help of our incredibly dedicated community – the AmuNation!

Since last August, users have been contributing and promoting Amulet through a variety of tasks in exchange for rewards and future airdrops. Today, we’re delighted to announce a major upgrade to the AmuNation which will also trigger some exciting activities in the coming weeks and months for those who have been on our journey for the longest time.

The concept remains the same. Promote our simple, reliable cover for everyone in web3 through easy-to-complete tasks and earn rewards based on your overall contributions.

As months progressed since launching v1, we’ve been in constant conversation with the AmuNation and we’ve listened to all feedback and we believe this solution and upgrade will rejuvenate morale and bring some new users to protect with Amulet.

Let’s introduce AmuNation App v2:

What’s changed?

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working tirelessly to improve the experience and continue to grow. The AmuNation was core to our insane growth in the second half of 2022 and we believe implementing these exciting changes will enable another strong boost of activity to promote the necessity of our cover options.

With exciting news planned in the coming weeks including a new product, new listings and an updated roadmap – it’s the perfect time to launch our AmuNation app upgrade!

The upgrade brings an updated format and upgraded rewards system:

On the top end of it, tasks remain fairly similar and the login experience is the same. The change is in the experience.

We have recognised from feedback that the competitive nature of the AmuNation led to its original success. As weeks progressed and AmuPoints were accumulated, our most competitive users stagnated in their approach to go even further. Now, it’s time to win monthly!

Monthly prize pools have been budgeted and now, our competition and leaderboard turn monthly but, even better, your earned rewards will be distributed monthly too!

The top 500 users on our leaderboard each month will be entitled to a prize. The higher in the leaderboard you are, the better your prizes will be!

Prizes for the first month include: AmuPoints to get an advantage for the following month, NFTs (Gold – top 3, Silver – top 100, Bronze – top 250), Jackpot spins plus overall cash prizes of more than $1k+

Each month, rewards and the placement needed to win will be clearly visible within the app.

In short, AmuNation v2 is a monthly contest to help promote Amulet and our web3 cover with more rewards on offer than ever before!

Updated UI and rewards

What about v1 and my accumulated rewards?

This is incredibly important to cover in this blog as some less-active users may not have noticed this change until after they’ve been implemented.

On AmuNation v2, accrued AmuPoints on your dashboard will be reset to enable our new monthly contest format. Don’t worry, rewards earned in AmuNation v1 will be distributed sporadically throughout the rest of this year.

We’ll be distributing USDC earned from Jackpot rewards in the next couple of weeks. We’re at the final stages for distribution and we expect to pay these rewards to winning users into wallets during the week beginning July 3rd 2023.

NFTs earned from the previous campaign will be distributed in 2-3 separate airdrops throughout the year. We’ll announce the dates as soon as we can but we’ll aim to complete the next one before the end of summer. (After our major announcements re-new products and new listings).

AmuPoints earned from v1 will be seen on our upcoming release of a personal dashboard for our users (via These points will be on visible when released and will be converted into generous rewards in the future (based on the amount you had before this change).

Our AmuNation upgrade will distribute new rewards earned in our new format on a monthly basis.

What to do next?

Our AmuNation app developers have been working diligently and the changes are implemented and are now live today.

To celebrate this news and in appreciation, for all the hard work since we announced Amulet, we’ve launched v2 with an enticing additional reward!

Despite there only being 10 days left in June, we’ll be offering the FULL rewards on offer. Only 10 days of competition to earn 30 days of rewards!

This means that by being ahead of the game and starting today, you’ll get to take advantage of more generous than usual rewards!

Start/Register to our upgraded app now:

If you have any questions, our team is available:

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