Amulet lists Streamflow Finance on MainNet!

Amulet is delighted to confirm that we’ve listed Streamflow Finance on our MainNet and users can now purchase web3 cover to protect their Streamflow assets on Solana. 

After multiple discussions between the teams, both companies are aligned in their overall vision of fuelling crypto adoption to the masses.

Streamflow specializes in helping organisations with their token operations including design, launch, distribution/vesting and more!

Streamflow’s product suite is focused on bridging the gap between the traditional and web3 worlds ensuring that teams have a means of managing finances on-chain.

Streamflow Finance is multi-chain,  however, Amulet will be listing Streamflow’s Solana dApp, providing an opportunity for users to purchase protection against any smart contract vulnerabilities. 

Streamflow offer’s 3 core products for Solana teams:

  1. Multi-signature Wallet – to manage teams’ treasury on Solana
  2. Token Vesting – allowing vesting of tokens to community and investors
  3. Payroll Streaming – on-chain payroll that allows you to stream real-time payments to contributors and employees etc.

With asset safety and security at the forefront of the minds of the Streamflow team, it was logical to provide their users with additional security in the form of our web3 cover.

To understand the terms and conditions of our smart contract cover, please read here: Amulet Cover Terms

Streamflow (Solana) is already live and functioning on the MainNet. Users can now:

  • Stake $aUWT to provide capacity with an estimated starting APY of 11.09%
  • Purchase web3 cover to protect against smart contract vulnerabilities

Start today:

If you have any questions or want to know more, contact the team via

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