Protect and Stake to Earn a MetaBear 🐻

Amulet Protocol is delighted to announce a new 14-day initiative to reward our users who regularly stake $aUWT and protect their assets with our platform. We’re sure this will excite the Amu-Nation who have been requesting a new MetaBear airdrop frequently.

Our MetaBear NFTs already have working utility and many users are taking advantage of their automatic premium discounts when protecting their web3 assets. To understand more about the utility, please refer to this blog post.

Details of our Protect and Stake campaign:

We want to reward those who interact with our MainNet, with an opportunity to get their spot in an upcoming NFT airdrop planned 7 days after this campaign finishes.


  • Stake a minimum of 5 $SOL into $aUWT
  • Purchase a cover with a minimum value of 10 $aUWT
  • Cover must protect assets for a minimum of 10 days
  • Like and Retweet our announcement tweet of this campaign
  • Submit Microsoft Form with your confirmed details

All those who complete such tasks will be eligible to receive a new MetaBear NFT in an airdrop planned for May 24th 2023.

Access the Microsoft Form here:

The campaign will run from 2nd of May 2023 – 16th of May 2023. Users who have already staked 5 $SOL and have an active cover are eligible for this airdrop and can fill their form out immediately to make their claim. All requirements above will still need to be met to get your MetaBear (e.g. If you have staked but not purchased cover, you’ll need to make the purchase to make your claim).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team via:

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