Amulet Social Media Report – April 2023

Amulet officially turned 1 year old on April 20th 2023. This is our first social media report in our second year since the announcement of our project and it was a month focused on implementing new socials into our arsenal and developing the content and growth on our existing socials.

Amulet is tweeting daily and our community use Discord as their main form of communication. On August 30th 2022, we launched the AmuNation app, our fun loyalty campaign to engage our community through daily rewards and tasks which has still been ongoing throughout April.

Our March Social Media report is available here:

Launch of new socials:

In April, Amulet Protocol added Link3 and Instagram into their regular messaging. Link3 to continue to attract DeFi and Solana enthusiasts who are looking at ways to secure their cryptocurrencies and Instagram to help promote our solution and cater to a web2 audience at the same time.

We launched both networks with a bang and you can read more about them here:🧿/

Existing Socials:

Our 2 latest additions and all existing socials can be accessed from our linktree here:

We also have our major announcements translated for our CIS community here:

April Twitter Highlights:

April was another month of being active on Twitter with a major cleanup of our followers happening on 3 occasions, removing any bots or falsified accounts from our following. With the holiday season taking place, we expected April to be a slower month on Twitter, however, we still have some awesome stats to share:

  • Our tweets saw impressions of 209k for April
  • We were mentioned by other accounts 7,596 times in April
  • We saw 60k new visitors to our profile in April
  • Our most viral tweet had 1500+ interactions

April Twitter Special Moments:

Our exciting Lido (Solana) listing:

Easter messaging and contest:

Launch of applications for our upcoming ambassador program:

Our first ever and very successful idea day:

Launching our xNFT for Backpack:

Highlighting our success on MagicSquare:

Our success in the recent Grizzlython by solarplex:

Our one-year anniversary and new pinned tweet:

April Discord highlights:

April has continued to see the constant conversation and plenty of enthusiasm with Amulet and our future. We did a lot of work behind-the-scenes on Discord to improve the security of the server. Admin work has now been completed and we believe it’ll provide a safer experience for all of our Discord users.

Our weekly events continue and they’re usually announced on Discord on a Sunday evening before being announced elsewhere on Monday. Discord is the first place for all of our users to interact with other members and we’ll continue to work hard on our community experience.

A new Instagram feed has also been integrated via Zapier and we’re working on fixing the minor issue with the Twitter statbot.

Current Social Following:

Twitter: 46,484

Discord: 29,310

YouTube: 13,200+

Linkedin: 10,689

TG announcements (English): 976

TG events channel: 648

Instagram: 338

Soundcloud: 3,654

TikTok: 1,233

We will continue to update you on monthly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the AmuNation.

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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