Amulet V2 Vision: Redefining DeFi

Amulet Protocol was launched 1 year ago with our aim to protect web3 users through cover and insurance options. At the time, DeFi was in a boom and with the emergence of the Solana ecosystem, along with its low transaction fees and fast processing times, Amulet entered the DeFi landscape with the aim of conquering Solana first before moving on to other chains.

Since this time period, the overall industry was rocked by the LUNA/Terra UST depeg and the subsequent collapse of FTX. Despite these challenges, Amulet has remained focal on user protection and setting a new standard for risk-awareness in Web3.

Amulet V1 has made strides in the last 12 months and we’ve protected over $600k in assets since. Our phenomenal community has stayed supportive along the way and we’ve certainly made an impact within our current landscape.

While continuing to work hard to bring new listings and improve the quality of our product. Behind the scenes, the team has continued to think ahead and focus on innovation. There’s a gap in the market and Amulet V2 is bringing a brand new narrative to the landscape – RiskFi.

Amulet V2 – Balance Yield and Risk Transparently

RiskFi is the vision for Amulet Protocol’s future and Amulet V2. A groundbreaking solution in the ever-evolving realm of DeFi.

The vision is to redefine DeFi by offering an all-encompassing investment platform that combines selective yield opportunities with unparalleled risk transparency, bolstered by robust loss protection mechanisms.

What is RiskFi?

RiskFi, an innovative vertical in the Web3 space, seamlessly bridges the world of yield generation with comprehensive risk management tools. This concept reflects the maturation and evolution of the DeFi sector, where risk considerations are becoming as crucial as yield opportunities. RiskFi is the flagship concept behind Amulet V2, combining the best of DeFi with traditional risk management techniques. It’s all about enjoying the juicy yields of DeFi while having a safety net in place to protect your investments.

In summary, RiskFi integrates yield generation with risk management and offers a risk-yield balance solution to users by addressing disturbances in the DeFi market.

Our aim is to focus on RiskFi in two ways:

RiskFi as an Investment Framework – RiskFi serves as a guiding framework within the Web3 space. It empowers investors to identify lucrative yields while ensuring stringent risk management practices are in place, ushering in a new era of responsible and sustainable DeFi investing.

RiskFi as a Web3 Philosophy – RiskFi embodies a core philosophy of Web3, emphasizing the importance of balance between opportunities and risks. It recognizes that the world of decentralized finance thrives when approached judiciously, embracing both the possibilities and the precautions necessary for its growth

What’s the Amulet V2 Vision?

  • Curated Yield Opportunities: We believe that many DeFi protocols prioritize yield at the expense of understanding risk. Amulet V2 takes a strategic approach, carefully balancing returns with risk factors. It opens the doors to a diverse range of investment opportunities, including Low-Stablecoin-Deposits (LSD), Real-World Assets (RWA), Liquidity Provider (LP) farming, and other prominent avenues, ensuring that investors have a multitude of options to explore.
  • Scalable Risk Model: Minimize or avoid loss with built-in buffers from Amulet’s upcoming risk vaults. Sit back and relax as Amulet V2 will take care of everything for you. No need to worry about sorting the administration for claim deadlines or parametric coverage.
  • Transparent Risk Profiles: Every strategy presented by Amulet V2 will be accompanied by a clear risk profile. This goes beyond the rudimentary risk assessments found on other platforms, as Amulet V2 quantitatively defines both the risks involved and the associated control costs, empowering investors to make informed decisions.

What next?

We’re going to be publishing a lot regarding Amulet V2 over the coming weeks including new landing pages and product announcements.

We’ll also be bringing our community into the mix. Although some of our plans have been slightly delayed while we work on reestablishing our Twitter, we’ll bring further news regarding this as soon as we can.

In the meantime, sign up to be on Amulet V2’s waitlist to receive exclusive access to our Beta!: Fill in the form here

Check out X for teasers and Discord to chat with our team:

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