Amulet V2 Litepaper Release: Bridging the Gap in Web3 in RiskFi

Amulet Protocol is excited to unveil its next step into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the release of the Amulet V2 Litepaper. With Amulet V2, we’re not just upgrading our protocol; we’re bringing a revolutionary concept to the Web3 ecosystem – RiskFi.

The Amulet V2 Litepaper is your guide to understanding the principles and strategies behind our innovative platform. It’s the key to unlocking the future of responsible and secure DeFi investing.

What is RiskFi?

RiskFi is the heartbeat of Amulet V2. It represents the vision for our future – a future where investors can navigate the DeFi landscape with confidence and clarity. RiskFi is all about striking the perfect balance between yield generation and risk management, and it’s set to redefine the DeFi game.

Navigating the World of Web3 Safely

In a space where risks and rewards often collide, RiskFi is your compass to safe, lucrative DeFi investing. With RiskFi, we’re committed to offering you the best of both worlds, making money safely while enjoying robust risk mitigation.

Balancing Returns and Risk

Amulet V2 sets itself apart by bringing you curated yield opportunities. Our team of experts handpicks the most promising projects in the Web3 landscape, ensuring you access the cream of the crop. Each yield opportunity is evaluated based on various factors, such as:

  • Expected Returns: We consider different yield levels, ranging from stable returns to aggressive strategies.
  • Sustainability: Our protocol evaluates the strength of the payout token, protocol security, and blockchain sustainability.

Most importantly, Amulet V2 makes sure you’re aware of what you’re getting into. For every yield opportunity, we provide a clear risk profile, offering you an in-depth understanding of the potential returns and associated risks.

Scalable Risk Model

One of the key innovations in RiskFi is the scalable risk model. We understand that users, investors, and builders all need insurance. But implementing traditional risk models can be cumbersome. This is where Amulet V2 shines.

Our built-in loss protection vaults are the game-changer. They allow users to hedge their risks while ensuring a steady source of yields. Risk vaults work side by side with yield vaults, harvesting a portion of premiums to fund the loss protection. So, if things take an unfortunate turn in a Web3 project you’ve invested in through us, we’ve got mechanisms in place to mitigate the damage.

And remember, every yield opportunity on Amulet V2 transparently lists exposed risks, as well as risks that are hedged via risk tools. This way, you can make informed decisions and have peace of mind.

Parametric Claims: Trustless and Efficient

The claims process can often be a source of frustration, especially when it involves human opinions. In Web3, we believe in trustless characteristics. That’s why RiskFi adopts a technique inspired by parametric insurance.

Parametric models use objective metrics to decide when a claim should be triggered. In simple terms, it ensures that claims are handled efficiently, reducing overhead and speeding up processes. It’s like having an automatic system that instantly knows when to offer you an umbrella because it started to rain.

Rather than relying on the subjective nature of smart contract exploits, which can be internally perpetrated, parametric examination of an LP position gives us the deterministic trigger.


With the release of the Amulet V2 Litepaper, we’re taking a bold step forward in the Web3 ecosystem. RiskFi is set to redefine the way DeFi investors operate. We’re prioritizing transparency, risk mitigation, and a user-centric experience.

Amulet V2 is not just an upgrade; it’s a visionary leap into the future of DeFi. RiskFi is about balance, safety, and achieving solid yields in a world full of opportunities and potential pitfalls.

We invite you to explore our Litepaper and join us on this exciting journey into the world of RiskFi and responsible DeFi investing.

Access the Amulet V2 Litepaper here

Sign Up for the V2 Beta Waitlist here:

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we continue to build a safer and more transparent Web3 landscape.

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