Amulet Bi-Weekly Report (Sept 9th – Sept 19th 2023)

Amulet Protocol is pleased to present its eighteenth bi-weekly report of 2023 (a bit earlier than usual!). There are a lot of exciting things on the way for Amulet and we’re on the brink of announcing a unique and much needed concept into our industry.

If you missed it, our last bi-weekly report is available here. Featuring exciting progress including new listings, new website UX/UI and the launch of our groundbreaking Audit Cover product in collaboration with FYEO.

We hope this report provides you with an insight of the recent activities and achievements from Amulet over the last 2 weeks.

Product and Technology

  • Ongoing MainNet development –
  • Ongoing SEO development
  • Ongoing discussions with investors, web3 projects and security partners
  • Ongoing Tokenomics background work
  • Ongoing development of TNT Vaults product
  • Ongoing development on future products for Amulet
  • Listing of Apricot Finance

Amulet MainNet Stats:

  • Total Covers Sold: 2,386 (+28)
  • Total Active Covers: 50
  • Total Accumulative Overall Cover Amount: $569.72k (+$3k)
  • TVL: $96.3k (+$2k)

Marketing and Community:

  • Ongoing SEO development
  • Ongoing Social Media development
  • Ongoing development for social media and Google ads
  • Ongoing conversations for future community development
  • Ongoing push on depeg Vault promotions (See example here)
  • Public announcement and sharing of new Website UI
  • Successful email campaign to promote our DeFi market research survey (14% CTR)
  • Final push for users to conduct in the Amulet DeFi market research
  • Ongoing marketing discussions and strategic planning
  • Hosted a Spaces with FYEO to promote and explain our Audit Cover. Listen here
  • Apricot Finance teasers (See Example)
  • Announcement of Apricot Finance listing to MainNet (See here)
  • Push on promotion of the high APYs staking $aUWT has on offer (See here)
  • Promotion of partners with Sunday Staking (See here)
  • Ongoing work for some huge announcements coming in the next 2 weeks 👀

Social Media Statistics:

  • X Followers:  42,191
  • Verified Discord Users: 26,983
  • Telegram Announcement Members: 794
  • Linkedin Followers: 10,752 
  • YouTube Subscribers: 13,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 508

We will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the AmuNation.

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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