Amulet Bi-weekly Report (August 23rd – September 7th)

Following our latest bi-weekly report published on August 3rd 2023, we’re delighted to provide the latest updates on what’s been going on at Amulet with our seventeenth bi-weekly report of 2023.

We hope this gives you an insight into some of the activities we are working on and a reference for our recent major news.

Product and Technology

  • Ongoing MainNet development –
  • Ongoing development of personal dashboard!
  • Ongoing SEO development
  • Ongoing discussions with the Solana team
  • Ongoing discussions with investors
  • Ongoing discussions with security partners
  • Ongoing Tokenomics background work
  • Ongoing development of TNT Vaults product
  • Ongoing development on future products for Amulet
  • Launch of Audit Cover with FYEO
  • Listing of Jito
  • Listing of marginfi
  • Listing of Meteora

Amulet MainNet Stats:

  • Total Covers Sold: 2,370 (+49)
  • Total Active Covers: 64
  • Total Accumulative Overall Cover Amount: $565.45k
  • TVL: $94.3k

Please note that any fluctuations in TVL and TVC from previous reports are due to the variations in the price of $SOL.

New Website Design

We launched our new website in style with a special thread unravelling all the little details:

Marketing and Community:

  • Ongoing SEO development
  • Ongoing Social Media development
  • Ongoing development for social media and Google ads
  • Ongoing conversations for future community development
  • Amulet announces Jito listing (Read more here)
  • Amulet announces marginfi listing (Read more here)
  • Push on depeg Vault promotions (See example here)
  • marginfi listing gained support from Solana’s Chinese channel (See here)
  • Based on feedback from the community and to prevent future confusion, Discord roles were updated (See here)
  • Launch of Amulet’s new landing page to the public
  • Solana Universe promoted marginfi listing (See here)
  • Amulet announces Meteora listing (Read more here)
  • Launch of our Amulet DeFi market research (See here)
  • Animoca’s promotion of projects moved to monthly (See here)
  • Launch of Audit Cover (See below!)
  • Ongoing marketing discussions and strategic planning

Launch of Audit Cover:

Amulet DeFi Market Research:

Why participate?

🧠 Feedback will help us understand your needs and preferences better

🥳 You will have the opportunity to shape the direction of our platform and contribute to its success.

You can win $100 USDC in the process!

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Social Media Statistics:

  • X Followers:  42,310
  • Verified Discord Users: 27,152
  • Telegram Announcement Members: 810
  • Linkedin Followers: 10,742 
  • YouTube Subscribers: 13,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 523

We will continue to update you on a bi-weekly basis. This is part of our core messaging to the AmuNation.

For ongoing Amulet discussions and to speak directly to our team, join our Discord here:

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