Our First AMA – A recap

AMA – April 28, 2022 

We hosted our first-ever AMA on our Discord Voice Channel. We couldn’t record it this time, but we hope to have that issue resolved by the next one.  

Below is our recap for those who couldn’t make it and for those who could but want to reference some of the interesting information mentioned.  

Introduction on Project 

  • Amulet is the first DeFi cover protocol on Solana 
  • We want to make users feel safer in Web3 and build out a financial safety net. Specifically, we’re going to be targeting the Rust-based ecosystem 

Team introductions. You’ll notice we’re not about fancy titles…you won’t see any CEOs here! 

  • Project Lead – Rupert is a serial entrepreneur, who started multiple businesses including a crypto-focused organization in 2018.  
  • Engineering – Shin comes from a heavy enterprise security background. He’s responsible for the development and the management of our team of engineers. 
  • Marketing – Rob is a web2 and web3 marketing guru who has been in the industry since 2017. 
  • Product – Jimmy is an actuary who caught the crypto bug and has jumped headfirst into building out a financial safety net for users in Web3. 

Differentiating Factors of Amulet 

  • Rust-based ecosystem, which is growing at a phenomenal pace and there’s no native solution 
  • We’ve taken the learnings from DeFi cover into our protocol 
  • Leveraging Solana POS validator as our base layer of returns, but there are going to be more layers to generate returns and more ways to keep capital safe going forward 
  • Because we’re on Solana, there are opportunities to partner with protocols on other chains for reinsurance (ones that are programming in other languages) 
  • Read more in the litepaper 

Where can you find us? 

  • Physical events – we’ll be at some of the big ones to meet up with other founders, whale users and even L1 founders (like Anatoly!)  
  • Discord – obvi 😍 
  • Other channel AMAs – lots of cross-community promotions coming up as we start to prep for launch and integrate with other protocols 

Stage of Development and Roadmap 

  • Target launch is ~July, pending audit and other developments – being a cover protocol, we want to make sure that we’re close to bulletproof before launch 
  • Roadmap coming soon 

What do we do if we want to contribute? 

  • DM Rob re-marketing activities 
  • We’ll work together to build content for your community and for our own 
  • We’ve set up an education channel now for anyone who wants to learn more about the project

Why Solana and are you going to be multi-chain in the future? 

  • No native project on Solana and this is where the growth is 
  • Multi-chain is definitely the future, and we’ll make our way to other chains based on how many DeFi projects spring up on other chains and how many users are there – we want to protect the most users possible 

Wen DAO? 

  • In short – Over time! No timelines yet 
  • Claims voting, listing requests, etc. will all be done through the community channels 
  • There’s a lot that we want to build out and get everyone involved in, so if you’re into marketing, security, risk modelling, etc. reach out to anyone on our team! 

Wen token? 

  • The community will be the first to know
  • Focus right now is on building out the project and making sure we’re protecting users and have a workable product – Amulet is critical financial infrastructure for Solana, and we want to make sure we take our time with everything 
  • Whitelists, IDO, roles, etc. will all be planned out in the days to come! 

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