Introducing Amulet’s 2023 Roadmap!

Story So Far:

Amulet was first announced as a project on April 20th 2022 at DevCon in Amsterdam. Since then, we’ve grown at an extraordinary rate. Within weeks we announced our seed funding news and our community (the AmuNation) started to grow. A successful launch of our AmuNation app loyalty program, TestNet with incredible feedback and eventually onto the MainNet on September 29th 2022, Amulet has seen steady month-on-month success.

All this during a turbulant time for the industry overall. Within days of introducing Amulet’s simple, reliable cover for everyone in web3, the Luna/Terra crisis unfolded and UST depegged causing significant shockwaves across the entire industry.

Amulet came out fighting and grew steadily organically across the crypto landscape. The UST situation provided further substance to our BUIDL as it highlighted the issues within the risk protection industry and the dilemmas current cover providers were about to face. Payout and annoy stakers or don’t pay out and lose crediblity – a question that would never be asked of Amulet thanks to our innovative PCR (Protocol Controlled Reserves).

Launching on the MainNet at the end of September saw us continue a rise with sales as high as 580% ahead of competitors at their time of launch. This created additional hype as we prepared for Solana Breakpoint in Portugal.

Then the second crisis penetrated the crypto industry. While at Breakpoint, rumours potential issues at major exchange FTX were spreading on Twitter. As we launched on the Solana chain, we understood the implications this could have on the whole market but, in particular, on Solana.

FTX’s collapse and bankruptcy has been in all international mainstream news. Amulet has always been cautious – (our solution is literally to protect DeFi users!) and we were fortunate to face 0 exposure to the crisis. That being said, we acted fast to pause immediate sales and our TVL was drastically reduced.

Sales have now resumed and Amulet ended the year with continued social and community growth. Smashing through 30k Discord members and 40k Twitter Followers KPIs that had been set previously. On Twitter, Amulet has the biggest following against every other major cover protocol in web3.

As of time of writing, we’ve now sold 784 covers across 8 protocols. Capacity is regularly increasing as users stake $aUWT into our MainNet and users are generating high %APYs by staking $amtSOL.

As the market starts to stabalize (and we hope it continues!), our TVL is starting to recover and we have high expectations of huge increases throughout 2023.

Access our MainNet here:

Introducing our plans for the year ahead.

2023 Roadmap:

We have high ambitions for 2023 and we’re delighted to share our intial vision for the next 12 months. Please understand that unexpectated scenarios can occur and there may be modifications or changes to this roadmap in the coming weeks and months.


  • Amulet Analytics – Public data page for transparency
  • Amulet Personal Dashboard – Improvements to user experience
  • Increase on AMA with Partners – To encourage sales and increase on capacities
  • Ongoing Social Development – Major successes in 2022, how can it be emulated
  • Introduction of Monthly Newsletter – Updates direct to your mailbox
  • Increase on Community Development – Work on creating the best experience for the AmuNation
  • Ambassador Program Testing & Implementation – Much awaited Ambassador program testing and release.
  • MetaBear NFT Airdrop Phase 2 – The second phase of our MetaBear airdrop to the AmuNation.


  • Amulet Personalized Notification – Individual notifications to improve user experience
  • Amulet Next Chain – Launch of the second chain that we BUIDL on
  • Amulet Audit Cover – Unique cover product to protect Audits
  • Latest for Launch of Ambassador Program – Q2 will be the absolute latest date we launch our Ambassador program.
  • Mid-Year Iteration – Reviewing the year so far internally and iterating where necessary
  • AmuNation Model Update – Improvements and major changes to the AmuNation app
  • Safety Introduction Community AMA – With an expected increase in users, introduction on safety AMAs


  • Amulet Next Chain: Launch of third chain and increasing our crediblity as a multi-chain solution
  • UI v2 – Second iteration of the UI for our app
  • Ongoing Community and Partnership Development – Increase on community and partnership activities including cross-marketing activity
  • MetaBear NFT Airdrop Phase 3: The third phase of our MetaBear airdrop to the AmuNation


  • Audtior Portal – Area for auditors to access Amulet with a different interface
  • Community Incentives based on Year – Release of additional incentives based on the success of the year
  • End of Year Community Report – A review of 2023 from a community perspective
  • End of Year Review/Partner Reviews – Internal and public reviews of 2023 and our partnerships.

We hope this gives you all a solid insight into the acitivities expected over the next 12 months. If you have any questions, our Discord is our main form of communication:

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