Amulet lists Drift on MainNet

Amulet Protocol is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Drift and listed their protocol on our MainNet.

Amulet strives to protect as many web3 users as possible and this announcement reaffirms that commitment, by providing smart contract vulnerability cover for Drift, the fastest growing derivatives DEX on Solana.

Drift Protocol is live on Amulet today, with users able to stake $aUWT into the drift pool at a starting approximate APY of 10.02%.

There is also limited capacity available to start purchasing cover immediately too, providing that extra layer of security to your Drift assets.

Get started staking/protecting here:

To understand the terms and conditions of our Smart Contract Vulnerability Cover, please refer to this document.

More about Drift Protocol:

Drift Protocol is an open-sourced, decentralised exchange built on Solana that enables transparent and non-custodial trading on a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Drift v2 has been released and Drift users can:

  • Trade perpetual swaps with up to 10x leverage
  • Borrow or lend at variable rate yields
  • Stake and provide liquidity
  • Swap spot tokens

This full suite of DeFi tools within the protocol are powered by Drift’s robust cross-margined risk engine. This engine has been specifically designed to provide traders a balance of both capital efficiency and protection.

Drift v2 is innovative. Their Just-In-Time Auction mechanism allows makers to step in and fill orders at better prices (instant trading!) while also achieving a more balanced long-short open interest – ensuring that the winners and losers are paid out symmetrically, regardless of price action.

Security is at the forefront of Drift Protocol and forever in the minds of the team behind it. They passed the Amulet risk assessment with flying colours and have recently been audited by Trail of Bits as well as partaking in a Bug Bounty with Immunefi.

Users can now have further confidence by purchasing smart contract vulnerability cover with Amulet.

Get trading on Drift today:

How to Stake $aUWT into Drift Pool on Amulet:

Staking $aUWT into our Drift pool allows users to earn high APY rewards while also providing capacity for Drift users to purchase our smart contract cover. Head over the “Underwrite” section of our MainNet and search for Drift Pool. The starting APY% is 10.02%:


  • Click “Underwrite”
  • Find “Drift Protocol” and expand
  • Connect wallet
  • Read terms
  • Stake chosen amount

How to purchase Smart Contract Vulnerability cover for Drift Protocol assets:

After successfully passing our own reviews and analysis, Drift passed the assessment to be listed on our MainNet. This means that users can use Amulet to purchase cover and protect their assets against smart contract exploits.

Capactiy is currently available at time of writing for users to purchase protection immediately.

Head over to the cover section on our MainNet, connect your wallet and purchase your cover.

Start today:

We’re really excited with this news and we know you will be too. We’ve got some more exciting protocols expected to be listed in the coming weeks. 

If you have any questions, our team is available on Discord:

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