Amulet DeFines a partnership agreement with Delta One, permissionless access to delta-neutral-yield strategies.

Amulet Protocol is pleased to confirm its latest official partnership with Delta One, focused on improving security options for DeFi users.

Amulet and Delta One have confirmed their strategic official partnership, allowing both companies to collaborate on a variety of activities to improve the experience for DeFi users. 

Delta One provides the best access to DeFi-native, risk-adjusted return generation strategies for DAOs, individuals, and traditional institutions. Opening up permissionless access to institutional-grade yield strategies with quantifiable risks. This creates an environment for users to take on the exact exposure that fits their portfolio requirements. Delta One has pioneered crypto’s first delta-neutral market-making vaults, democratising complex hedge fund strategies to the general public. 

Like Amulet, Delta One is built on Solana. Recognizing the distinct advantages of Solana against other ecosystems due to its ability to keep transaction costs extremely low while also creating high throughput speeds. Both companies see Solana as a natural fit to provide the best services for its users. 

Delta One has a mission. They believe that most investors should NOT be doing things such as manual asset management. Automation through Delta One’s product ensures that manual rebalancing and searching for the right APY pools become a thing of the past.

Amulet also has a mission. Providing protection against potential malicious attacks for DeFi users. The end goal is to create simple and reliable cover for everyone within web3.

This partnership sees a unification of beliefs and mission statements. Automation and cover are the two big drivers and strategies that could lead to mass web3 and DeFi global adoption. 

This partnership enables a crossover and a collaboration for making these missions a reality together. Both companies will work together on marketing activity, protecting users and bringing more traditional users into this space. 

Delta One take security extremely seriously which has been evident from the various debates and discussions that both teams have had in recent weeks. Delta One is currently in the process of running audits and Soteria is already implemented to run on every software change. Experienced Solana developers also regularly check and review their smart contracts.

“These partnerships keep coming and we couldn’t be happier. As you will have noticed, Delta One is doing incredible things within the DeFi industry and across the Solana ecosystem. Automating a lot of the manual work DeFi users do, particularly with Yield farming, creates an environment with less risk and an increase with peace of mind. Automation and Cover are both core to mass web3 adoption and by confirming a partnership with Delta One, we know we have like-minded teams working with us to drive our vision into a reality.”

Rupert Barksfield, Project Lead, Amulet. 

About Delta One:

Set-and-forget delta-neutral and impermanent loss-free yield strategies. 

We provide the best access to DeFi-native, risk-adjusted return generation strategies for DAOs, individuals, and traditional institutions. 

Delta One offers permission-less access to institutional grade yield strategies with quantifiable risks so that you can take on the exact exposure that fits with your portfolio requirements.

Delta One’s Vaults are divided into lending vaults where users take on delta exposure and farming vaults where users take on a short volatility exposure. Delta One then layers in hedging capabilities, which provide volatility and smart contract protection so your portfolio can better weather turbulent markets.

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About Amulet:

Amulet is a decentralized risk protection protocol built for the Rust-based ecosystem, starting with the Solana blockchain. Amulet has designed an innovative and open cover model, which not only effectively addresses the common challenges of existing decentralized cover protocols, but also creates a new paradigm shift for the whole risk protection sector.

Amulet is creating the industry’s first Protocol-Controlled Underwriting (PCU) approach, in which Amulet will build up its own underwriting capabilities and introduce a claim structure involving a unique Yield Backed Claim (YBC) method. This is a significant deviation from the incumbent cover models of renting underwriting capability from capital providers to a more sustainable underwriting and claim structure controlled by the protocol. The vision of Amulet is to offer simple, reliable cover for everyone in Web3. With the addition of Amulet, users in the entire Rust-based ecosystem will gain access to a new way to hedge various risks with cover product offerings.

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